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080: Everything I Know (So Far) on Landing a Job in UX with Jason Ogle

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This is the last episode of 2021. After nearly two years of outlining the content for this episode and nearly two months (at time of writing) of recording and editing, here’s everything I know (so far) about landing a job in UX. I hope this content is not only useful to you and anyone you know looking to land their first (or next) job in UX, but I sincerely hope this episode is greatly inspirational and even life-changing for you. I forgot to say it at the end of the episode, so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year dear Defenders! Take care of yourself and each other, and I’ll see you on the other side of this year with more amazing UX/Design content! 👊 Jason.

Song credit at the end “Comeback Kid” by The Midnight


  • Origin (4:50)
  • Count the Costs (9:53)
  • Portfolio (21:18)
  • Resume (29:49)
  • Networking (35:03)
  • Applying (40:38)
  • Interviewing (50:11)
  • Negotiating (1:02:32)
  • In Closing (1:09:45)


Check out the detailed show notes including mentioned links, transcript, and much more at


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