5 Ways Agile UX Can Revolutionize Your Business

<p class="author">By <a href="">Renato Lopez</a></p> <p>Understanding the power of UX design is no longer a matter of guessing, but of cold, hard fact. According to a <a href="" title="McKinsey &amp; Company">McKinsey &amp; Company</a> study, companies that have welcomed UX design and leveraged its power have seen 32% more revenue and a 56% increase in shareholder returns over a 5-year period.</p> <p class="sub-p">In this article, I’ll share five ways in which agile UX can impact your bottom line <em>and</em> totally revolutionize your business processes from top to bottom, by</p> <ol> <li>Mitigating risk</li> <li>Bringing business closer to users</li> <li>Minimizing response time</li> <li>Improving

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