About Us

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I started this site on a whim as a way to test a now defunct Javascript framework call Telescope, but I liked the daily emails it generated so much I decided to re-platform it onto WordPress. I thought others might too.

UXA Today is an aggregator, it automatically pulls in articles via RSS from a large collection of UX sites. The intention of the site is to create a central repository and archive of all UX articles to better catalog the knowledge in our field, and to preserve them for the future. All original authors are credited and there are links back to the original post.

I am concerned years of amazing UX and Design content will be erased when platforms like Medium have errors or decide to shut down. I don’t make any money on it, it is intended to be a service to the industry.

If you want your content taken down, please reach out to me at yo@uxatoday.com