Accelerating Design Process With Plugins

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Are you willing to speed up your design process but the majority of your time goes in just grouping and arranging assets? Here is one solution for you. Bring the functionalities and features directly into your XD file and just sit back to watch how accelerated your work will look like.

Selecting from over 250+ plugins can be overwhelming, but if you’re a beginner here are some of the useful plugins curated just for you-

  1. Icons 4 Design

Something you should not miss out on. With over 5000+ free vector-based customizable icons, you’re just one step click away. Search from a variety of options for one type of icon and change the size, colors, thickness, and much more.

Sit back and relax this sip of coffee! ☕

2. unDraw

Not interested in surfing hundreds of illustrations when doing your internship/job assignments? Here is unDraw for you with beautiful images for your projects and customized illustrations.

uD and that’s of course you Design! 👩🏻‍💻

3. UI Faces

Select any shape and fill it with an avatar. From selecting male and female to selecting emotions like happiness and neutral or to look for a particular age group. Now avoid placeholder icons for faces as this plugin has it all.

Everything you need to color your project with! 🌈

4. Stickles

If you and other designers are willing to leave descriptive notes to explain and clarify certain things, this plugin is right for you. It helps you to add sticky notes near to your artboard, you can even classify the notes according to different colors.

Knowledge is an island! 🏝

5. Stark

Stark makes designing with accessibility easier. From colorblind stimulation to rapid contrast checker, it can do this right into Adobe XD. Building products that are inclusive to everyone is one step closer now.

To infinity and beyond! 

6. Fancy Maps

It lets you add a customizable map to your designs with the help of Google Maps API. You can select the map style, from colored to black and white to select the zoom level. Zoom level refers to the point if you want the map to be of a state or city or a particular street. It is just a few clicks away.

Don’t drop a win, drop a pin! 📍

(If you’re curious to know what these quotes indicate, install these plugins right now, and it will give you a clearer image of how the wordings and the emoji give a parallel comparison to the plugin.)

If that was useful, share it with as many designers as you can. Your clap will motivate me to come up with the next set of plugins. So clap, clap, clap your hands 🎶

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