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Applying UX Principles to the Visual Design of Graphical Artifacts: The Case of the Heuristics Posters

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Summary: We made the 10 heuristics’ posters easy to read and understand by iterating through multiple versions and improving each based on user-centered principles and methods.

The 10 usability heuristics for user-interface design were created by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich 26 years ago and still ring true today. In 2020, we set out to update the presentation of the heuristics, adding explanation, examples, and related links. This update included the creation of a set of visual posters.

In this article, we discuss how we used methods that are usually employed for UI design, like wireframing , iterative design , and user testing , to create and improve static artifacts: the posters for the 10 heuristics.

We had one main project goal in designing this set of posters — to improve the readability of the heuristic language and add relatable examples and tips. The combination of these two design improvements was intended to make the usability heuristics easier to understand and apply.

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