Asset Mapping for Experience Consistency

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Summary: Asset maps display and organize the screens and elements users encounter along workflows and journeys. They provide a systematic way of analyzing the consistency of an organization’s experience across channels.

Consistency is essential for a great omnichannel user experience . When interactions look, feel, and function similarly across channels, not only is user effort reduced, but users’ trust and confidence are bolstered.

To make an experience consistent, teams first need to catalog the interactions and assets that users engage with along their workflows and journeys. An effective tool for analyzing consistency across channels is an asset map .

What Is an Asset Map?

Definition: An asset map provides a high-level, chronological method of displaying and organizing all the screens and elements users encounter across channels when completing a workflow or journey to assess its consistency. Full or partial-page screenshots, social media posts, videos, emails, text messages, push notifications , copy, and photographs can be included in the map.

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