CX is not UX, but should it be? The misery of purchasing Figma Enterprise

View the original postTypically, User Experience (UX) is what happens ~inside the product~. UX often does not extend to such interactions as customer acquisition (owned by marketing and sales), onboarding (account management), problem resolution (customer support), off-boarding, etc. Sometimes those topics are delegated to a vague discipline of Customer Experience (CX). But in reality, there […]


Be a better UX designer — be your industry expert.

View the original postThe best B2B products are designed by industry experts “Know your user”, “Put yourself in your user’s shoes”, “Eat your own dog food” are common advice given to UX designers. It is evident for consumer products, but is it such for professional tools and B2B? When working on a b2c product, for example, a […]