Planning The User Research Pitch

Understanding the reasons behind why so many companies don’t have User Research as a standard activity in their organization

Say hello to Mr. Bob. Mr. Bob is a User Researcher with 3 years of experience. In the beginning, when he began his career Mr. Bob also worked as a User Experience Designer for 2 years. Now after 5 years of total working experience in the product sector Mr. Bob wanted to move back to his hometown and start his own User Research Consultancy. Mr. Bob believes that conducting User Research is the easy part of User Research. The tough part is

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Facebook should hire ‘ME'

How thinking like a Product Manager can help an Entry Level UX Designer Grow in the Industry

We will start with a few questions:

A. As a creative person have you ever wished that Facebook should have some new features(some too imaginary but some possible to build) added to the app which you can use to fulfill your new desires?

For example: Being able to add songs to your stories from your phone storage too and not just from the list of what Facebook provides or maybe being able to add a video cover pic.

B. If your answer is yes, you must have also thought that other

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