Prototyping Remote

6–10–14 rapid prototyping: a remote group activity recharges your UX team

View the original postThis activity helps us to reconnect with co-workers in a way we never experienced before. “Describe how you’re feeling as you wrap-up this week.” “Fatigued. Tired. Overwhelmed…” A month ago, we distributed a survey to all UX members at our company to do a working-from-home pulse check. Not surprisingly, people were buried in […]


How does Zoom work for business users?

View the original postFrom two product designers’ viewpoint. Last weekend, my design pal Catherine and I sat down and did a 90min design critique on Zoom, one of the most popular work-from-home apps these days. In this round of discussion, we focused on business use cases and formed our conversation around user experience and interface […]

Color General

The 4 master artists who used nature-inspired color palettes

View the original postAs designers, we can always get inspired by the master artists and their relationship with colors. Many artists in history were obsessed with colors in nature. When viewing their masterpieces, we could discover their intense passions, unconcealable emotions, and their staunch belief in the power of colors. As a product designer, I also constantly […]