How to create a duotone image in Photoshop

View the original post As you’re working on your next site design, there’s a common type of background you may be considering: photography. While this trend isn’t necessarily unique, it sure is effective at setting a scene and immersing a user into the environment of a site. “If you’re looking for a way to use […]

Best Practices eCommerce

7 best practices for updating eCommerce sites

View the original post As a freelance or agency designer, updating WordPress sites can be a lot of fun. You might get to do a full brand exploration, modernize a website, or explore new functionality that’s sure to “wow” your client.  But as you probably know, when the updates are for an eCommerce site, there […]

UX Design Trends

2021 web design trends

View the original post 2021. (Doesn’t it feel good to add that “1?!”)  While the world adjusts to a new year, so too are designers embracing a new year of design. After a year of so many unknowns, we’re beginning to see trends that take us back to a comfortable past while emphasizing future-focused user […]