How to make the most of your corporate website? Creative Ideas in Details.

View the original postDigital designers often face the challenge of finding new ideas, especially when it comes to UI tasks. It seems that to make a project interesting, you need a lot of inspiration, talent, and luck… and good weather outside the window 😁. But in fact, there is a certain instruction, an action plan, […]

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Stacked — Mobile App Case Study

View the original postStacked — Mobile App Case Study Fitness and Wellness A new, exciting way to do your Workouts Stacked was created by bestselling fitness author Mike Matthews to help reach the fitness goals faster. It is suitable for any kind of workout routine, ranging from a simple bodyweight program to a complex strength training block. The user can set […]


The Ultimate Guide to Remote Usability Testing

View the original postIn this article, we are going to explain the step by step process of usability testing: from defining type of testing, choosing audience and testing platform to preparing for test, and collecting the results. Sometimes, every designer is faced with questions: “Will it work properly for my user?” “Is it clear to understand?” […]