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Postcards from the Future (of DesignOps)

View the original post Wow, it’s been a year. Or a decade — I can’t really tell anymore. If you’re anything like me, you’d happily jump in a time machine and travel ahead a few years to see how this all turns out. (OK, travel in any form: yes please.) You might also be asking a lot […]


Team Ops and Product Ops: The Perfect DesignOps Pair

View the original postBy John Calhoun and Rachel Posman With all the change 2020 has thrown our way, there’s some bittersweet comfort in knowing that one thing has remained stubbornly constant: most design-driven companies are still trying to figure out Design Operations (or DesignOps, for short). This is totally fair — we’ve been practicing DesignOps for many years, […]