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Designing the Accordion: Best practices

View the original postDesigning Accordions: Best practices Collapsed & Expanded states. Styling & Colors usage. Accordion samples, templates, and UX cases for a smooth experience đź‘‹ Heya! Roman’s here. I am an online entrepreneur and UI designer. It’s been 3+ years since I started making UI kits for Figma. That’s how was founded. This website’s […]


Designing the Avatar: All you need to know

View the original postDiving into the Userpic: different events, states, actions, color choices — best practices for UI design. And we’ll show everything with lots of examples for your inspiration. Originally posted here: đź‘‹ Heya, Roman’s here. I am a UI designer converted into an online entrepreneur (without a precise aim to become so). In 2018 I […]