6 things I know about UX/Product Design Portfolio

View the original postBackground image from Fakurian Design 6 things I know about UX/Product Design portfolio Hi everyone, Since I posted my last article ‘My Google Interview Experience (UX Design)’, I have received ton of queries about creating a UX portfolio. Most of the queries were quite similar in nature.That’s what lead me to writing this. […]


My Google Interview Experience (UX Design)

View the original postHow I got my dream job at Google…Finally! Phew! I never thought this day will come when I will be sharing my experience of Google Interview and landing my dream job at big tech. This is not a Veni, vidi, vici story, rather it is an Aim-Shoot-Fail-Aim-Shoot-Fail-Aim-Shoot-Win😛 kind of story. I guarantee […]