Balancing UX Design and Conversion-Rate Optimization

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<p class="author">By <a href="">Bojan Bajić</a></p>

<p>Whether you are designing a Web site or a mobile app, both UX design and conversion-rate optimization (CRO) play important roles in lead generation, conversion, and retention. To achieve optimal results, you need to establish a symbiotic relationship between UX design and CRO, in which they supplement one another’s efforts and work together to achieve common goals.</p>
<p class="sub-p">Focusing too much on either UX design <em>or</em> CRO is often to the detriment of the other, so it’s important to strike the right balance between them. Before I provide some tips on how to <em>balance</em> UX design and CRO, let’s look at these two terms in context. <a href="" class="read_more_link">Read More</a></p>