Book Review: A Field Guide to Lies

<p class="author">By <a href="">D. Ben Woods</a></p> <p><img src="" alt="Cover: A Field Guide to Lies" width="300" height="451" class="book-image-float-right" />As ever-increasing quantities of information confront us, critical thinking is a tool that we’ll need to apply with greater frequency. Information sometimes takes the form of <em>memes</em>, or information that appears out of context. We’re encountering a higher level of political disinformation than we’ve ever seen before, which has the potential to destabilize our societies. Disinformation relating to COVID-19 is costing people’s lives. Social media is responsible for the proliferation of much of this disinformation.</p> <p class="sub-p">Daniel J. Levitin’s book <em>A Field Guide

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