Case Studies

Community App for Kara & Nate— A UI/UX Design Case Study

A personal group project on designing a community app for the YouTube content creators — Kara and Nate

In this case study, I have described my process of designing a community app for Kara and Nate. In this project, we worked as a team, ideating, and brainstorming solutions to design an app that lets the Youtubers to interact with their community. This was a project that I had worked on as a part of the 10k Designers Masterclass.

Project Duration: 2 weeks (Sept. 2020)Platform: iOSTeam: Rama Krushna, Devesh, Sahil, Shradha, AnshShrey🎫 Background

Kara and Nate are a couple from Nashville, Tennessee who started in January 2016 with

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