Ditch the voice and tone with Nicole Michaelis @ Spotify

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Episode Summary

Nicole Michaelis popped by for an open chat about everything from the effects of psychedelics to ageism in the tech industry.

Episode Notes

Nicole is a Senior UX writer at Spotify and a teacher at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden. Many of you already know her from the appreciated Content Rookie podcast (and if you don’t, check it out!). 

She reveals how she gets through more than 2 books a week, why she prefers fiction and poetry to books about UX writing, and how writers can avoid being replaced by a robot.

You’ll also get a bunch of tips you won’t hear anywhere else, like  

  • Why you should open your mind as a UX writer
  • Why consistency is *not* the most important thing
  • Why you should consider ditching the voice and tone

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