Drawing Upon Baseline Values to Inform Connection

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<p class="author">By <a href="">Justin Dauer</a></p>

<p>Some touchpoints—values, really—exist between the ways in which we <em>must</em> engage with one another at work and the capacity we must create for engaging with those outside of business: humility, inclusion, compassion, and respect. These values lead to <em>connection</em>—to the benefit of our work and those who engage with it. These touchpoints are identifiable; we can leverage them; and they can show up in the smallest perceived dynamics.</p>
<h2>A Familiar Scenario</h2>
<p>For example, consider the simple act of planning a meeting. When you’re looking at people’s calendars, it can often be hard to find a single unit of time that is free for everyone. But somehow, someway, on most people’s calendars, the noon-to-1pm block of time always seems to be available. How is that possible? <a href="" class="read_more_link">Read More</a></p>