How I became a UX Researcher. Part 1

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In fact, I don’t like to tell about myself, my story, because I don’t consider it to be any special, but all those to whom I told it told me: «Wow, this is cool dude, your fate is cool»… and after 3 such reactions, I decided that she deserves a few separate posts on my blog.

Part 1. Choosing a sphere.

Spring, 2020. I ended up working for a startup, where I had worked for over a year before, and thought that I needed to do something of my own. «Open your startup, change the world and make a lot of money» was the only thought that was spinning in my head.

And I started looking. I searched for a very long time, tested many different ideas, hypotheses, projects, and everything by. There were a lot of crazy projects that seem like this only in retrospect, but then… it seemed to me that this was a revolution.

I needed money to test ideas, since I did not know other ways and methods of evaluation, except those that require large expenses.

Well, for example, create a landing page for $1000 and run ads there. And, so that you understand, the landing page was for a product for which demand was not confirmed. And therefore, he failed. This product was simply not needed by the market.

And when the money started to run out, I realized that I was moving somehow wrong, that I was definitely missing something. I started digging through a huge number of sources looking for the proper term and so I found it — Customer Development methodology.

I read the information about this method, and it took my breath away: «This is what I have been looking for so long». And I bought online-course «How to Conduct Client Interviews to validate and test hypotheses». Without knowing it, I touched on something that will interest me so much in the future.

After the course, I was immediately filled. I haven’t been so charged and full of energy for a very long time. I was «hungry» for projects and exciting work. I really missed it.

I started very quickly testing a huge number of hypotheses, projects — constantly communicating with potential customers. It even happened that, within one study, I came up with a new project hypothesis, which in the same interview I began to test. It was very funny.

Then, I also met a technical entrepreneur who just recently finished his last project, and now he was looking for something new. And he was very supportive of my idea of ​​fast and cheap tests.

And now, after 50 interviews, I sit and process the interviews, transcribe, tag information. For all the time of testing, decryption and processing caused me the most inconvenience. And when this thought came to my mind, I realized how much I was missing all this time.

I quickly went to my laptop, opened Facebook, texted my partner, and we phoned. It seems that we have finally found what we have been looking for.

If this story comes to you, then I will release the second final part of the story very soon.

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