How to transform 2D mockups into 3D designs in Blender

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In my latest article, I spoke about transforming plain 2D designs into 3D presentations. Now, since someone wanted to know how to do it, let’s find it out in 10 simple steps, using Blender.

1) Do the Mock-up

I didn’t go very complex for this example, and using images could be a lot trickier. Just simple text and vectors.

Export it in SVG.

2) Open Blender and delete the cube

Simple as that. Click on the cube, press X, and then Delete.

3) Import the SVG

3) Select everything and rotate it.

Select everything, then start rotating. If you stop, you’ll notice a widget on the bottom left. There you can easily set 90 degrees.

4) Extrude everything together.

Right-click once you’ve selected everything, and this should open to you the next menu.

Choose Extrude Size, and then move the mouse. Don’t worry if you extrude it too much, we’ll fix it.

Once you’ve extruded a large horrible thing, just go on the “Scale” widget and resize it on pleasure.

tip: I recommend keeping text extremely tight in depth.

5) Select the backgrounds and move them a bit behind everything else.

I recommend pressing Z and choosing material preview, to understand when you’ve moved them enough.

Do the same with everything you need. You can move texts and items at different distances to give some depth.

6) Create a scenario

SHIFT + A -> Mesh -> Plane.

  1. Enlarge it,
  2. go on edit mode (top left),
  3. Choose edges (the second option),
  4. Extrude the back edge (once selected, press E).
  5. Move it a lot higher
  6. choose the back edge and CTRL+B to bevel it.

To edit the plane’s color, you can pick the material editor down there, and select a material!

6) Move the camera at will

Select the camera and put it where you like it.

tip: never tweak the Y rotation of the camera.

7) Prepare the render

I recommend using this setup, but it’s up to you.

You can edit the global lights here, or add them as new items with SHIFT+A. Up to you!

8) Add some other items.

I just added a plant as an example. Be creative!

9) Render!

Just press F12 to start rendering. This could take a couple of minutes.

10) Don’t forget to save.

Here you have your render!

BONUS TIP: Convert to mesh.

Let’s suppose you want to bring your design into Three.JS or another software: you can easily convert your curves into Meshes by clicking on

Object -> Convert to -> Mesh.

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