Improving products’ health through UX Writing

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The digital revolution helped us to create accessible health systems all over the world.

Zara Fishkin mastered the way to communicate digital products in the healthcare industry after working in different health care companies and also at Facebook for 4 years on localizing different platforms.

When it comes to UX writing, Zara’s resume is MIND BLOWING.

Through here experience writing for tech companies and ad agencies, she has built a content strategy skill set that spans internationalization, accessibility, copywriting, research, design, process development, terminology, having an opinion about Oxford commas, and making non-exhaustive lists.

You should definitely check out this episode if you want to learn:

  • How to write a healthier product
  • How FB are localizing their platform
  • The challenges of making health care accessible to people
  • UX writers face challenges after being acquired

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