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Life in Color Palette: Use colors from nature in your project

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Life in Color Palette by Yesha Shah

Creative minds have always been inspired from nature. Biomimicry has led to world’s most revolutionary designs and products. This color-palette features nature at its best. Pictures used in are shot from specially made cameras for the Netflix’s latest show Life in Color with David Attenborough.

In short, we’re picking colors from nature never seen before. This is the first time David and his expert team has bought us footage from wildlife that unlocks the world of color that has never met a human eye. I decided to be inspired from these colors of nature and make color-palletes from it that everyone can use for their projects.

These palettes can be used by designers of all kinds.

Biomimicry aims to take inspiration from nature selection solutions adopted by nature and translate the principle to human engineering. But in this case, we’re simply taking inspirations from the colors that have formed over the millions of years of evolution.

While looking for inspiration for my latest UX project, I decided to look for inspirations around me. And I realised, the nature has the most beautiful colors ever. I wondered if I could use these colors within my project and the idea to create these palettes for the entire design community came in my mind.

Use these palettes in your UX UI, Interior, Graphic or any other design project.

Download the color palettes here

Banner Animated
Banner Animated by Bhavishya Garg

Color Palette Group 1: Neon Fever

Color Palette Group 2: Shades of Blue

Color Palette Group 3: Pink Love

Color Palette Group 4: Yellow Season

Color Palette Group 5: Purple Hue

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Disclaimer: All images used in this blog belong to Netflix and respective owners.

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