Most important learning on Growth from Facebook

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I think everyone who is building products should watch this video from Chamath Palihapitiya, where he talked about key principles he believed while leading Facebook on the path to 1 billion users.

1. Ignore virality & Focus on the core value

“One of the most important principles was ignoring vitality, don’t even talk about it.

The only 3 things that really matter are:

  1. How I acquire people
  2. How I bring them to an aha moment ASAP
  3. How do I deliver core values as frequently as possible?

Only after we did everything for those 3 items, you think about how to get users to bring more users”

2. Dogfood your product

So often, we don’t use our products enough for real. Dogfood products and bring you to the level of details of your user’s physcology much much easier.

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