New Mobile Blockchain UI/UX for Technological Literary Revival

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Featuring a Crypto-Art Marketplace app for poets on the Tezos blockchain.

Name: Writer’s Block

Design Functions

  • Poetry writing
  • NFT
    – Minting
    – Purchasing
    – Collecting
    – Discovery

Design Inspirations

Poetry has respectfully sat still during advances in the digital age. A move which has penned the common phrase “poetry is dead”. Many writers’ rebuttal, “poetry is not dead” falls short after being uttered, because it’s difficult to see the field’s advancement and efforts.

Modern technology has changed how we write, making new technology seem more important than the foundation of human talent. The divide stems from being unfamiliar with the medium, rather than the process of creating with technology.

“Aye, there’s the rub!”

Create a community through storytelling with the use of a unique incentive decentralized digital asset platform, that will continue furthering the medium, and create a cultural synergy.


Low Fidelity Wireflow Concept — Light
Low Fidelity Wireflow Concept— Dark

High Fidelity Mockups

Writer’s Block, Home screen with “collect” button enabled (left) Home screen (middle), and Profile screen.
(From the left) Writer’s Block, Search screen (top sellers), Home screen, Mint screen, Profile screen, Search screen (users).

Design Considerations

  • Smart Contract Infrastructure

Simply put, a smart contract is a digital contract that is stored on a blockchain. When predetermined terms and conditions are met, the contract executes automatically. Execution includes things like releasing funds, submitting a form, sending notifications..etc. The blockchain is then updated when the transaction is completed.

  • Blockchain
    is a digital ledger of transactions multiplied and distributed across a network or a computer system
    . With these types of digital transactions we are able to increase efficiency, security, and reduce global carbon emissions.
Euromoney’s breakdown of how a blockchain functions fundamentally at its core.

Blockchain + Poetry

You can use blockchain to record that you are the rightful owner of a poem(digital asset), and transactions can be used to store a poem to ensure that the poem is assigned to the proper owner. This promotes self-publishing, and digital copyright for owners and customers, controlling the act of digital piracy and digital plagiarism.

  • Minimal UI

— Speech Bubble
A speech bubble or speech balloon is a graphic convention that allows words to be understood, representing speech or thought. This practices a gender-neutral vision for a brand or digital product experience by not sustaining gender stereotypes via visual design.

(From left to right) Writer’s Block Home screen (scroll), Home screen, Home screen expanded poem page 1 & 2.

A finger snap icon button is used for a signaling button.

The act of “snapping” with this “snap button” spotlights great poets and appreciates poetry by keeping people talking about it. Snaps are important for online presence, and credibility; credibility is key for monetization.

Light-on-dark color scheme

Writer’s Block Default vs. the Light-on-dark-scheme screen options.
(From the left) Writer’s Block, Dark Search screen (top sellers), Dark Home screen, Dark Mint screen, Dark Profile screen, Dark Search screen (tags).
Writer’s Block Style Guide & Button Gallery
  • Peer-to-peer Marketplace

— Social Community > Social Network

From a social and anthropological standpoint, communities are the most interesting to study, because they consist of people who have likely never met but are held together by a common interest or goal. Poetry communities are a special way to connect with the written word and with others.

— User Personas

— NFTs

An NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items given the platform. NFTs can be considered modern-day collectibles. Minting is adding your digital asset to the blockchain on the given platform. Minting poems as NFTs is equivalent to the act of modern-day self-publishing.

  • Cryptocurrency

Buy, sell, and showcase “NFTpoems” with the use of Tezos cryptocurrency.
Tezos is a coin created by a former Morgan Stanley analyst, Arthur Breitman. It is a smart contract platform that does not involve mining Tezos coins.

— Why Tezos?

Tezos uses the more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake model to validate transactions and keep the network secure.

Collectors can only place bids at or above your reserve price.
The system will offer users several cryptocurrency wallet options to complete a transaction. A cryptocurrency wallet is computer software that allows you to send and receive your Tezos or any other cryptocurrency on a blockchain.

Simple, right?

If we as poets, as writers, as a community, make an effort to keep up with technology rather than praise art that never was, poetry, literature, writing will live on. Poetry is not dead, it's been revived. Welcome back to life poetry, the modern world awaits.

Thank you for reading! I’m currently a freelance designer, looking to collaborate with a team and learn from other designers! Please connect with me on Linkedin or my website.

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