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Stacked — Mobile App Case Study

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Stacked — Mobile App Case Study

Fitness and Wellness

A new, exciting way to do your Workouts

Stacked was created by bestselling fitness author Mike Matthews to help reach the fitness goals faster. It is suitable for any kind of workout routine, ranging from a simple bodyweight program to a complex strength training block.

The user can set goals for exercises and body measurements, and record and review progress toward them. Also, it has a 1RM calculator to avoid losing track of personal records.

Goal — Improve User Experience and Visual Style

The main goal was to improve user expirience in application. The key points: simplify navigation, make workout screen more intuitive, improve the way to interact with routiones.

Also we worked a lot on look and feel of the application and created a new visual style. We put a lot of attention to details, interactions and animations.

First step — Creating a new user flow

We prioritized the app features and moved the main ones to the tab bar instead of using hamburger menu. So the main features became available in one tap as well as all important information is listed on home screen.

What’s new on the workout screen?

Now it is collapsible and available in any place of the app. The user can navigate in app without closing the workout screen, easily see the workout overview and summary.

Routines and Goals -Improve efficiency of your workouts

There are a lot of predefined routines that can be combined into phases and assigned to specific weekdays. The user can edit and create his own routines. All settings can be easily restored to default.

What are workouts without goals? User can set his goal and see which ones are achieved or what is needed to achieve them.

Log. Progress. History — Monitor your actvities

All user’s progress is shown in Log. User can monitor his activity by two parameters: weight and reps and One rep max. All data is visualized in charts.

Results — Better experience for our users

Beta testing results showed great results: 84,2 % of 597 beta testers named their experience as “Very good” and “Excellent”. As well as 89,5% of users succeed 100% in usability studies.

Created with love by Netrix team ❤️

We are on Dribbble, Behance, and Youtube.

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