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A comprehensive free learning resources guide for UX beginners

As I started my UX learning journey, I was like a dry sponge in the ocean, try to absorb as much information as possible. For the first entire month, I watched hundreds of youtube videos, signed up for tons of design newsletters, reading unaccountable design-related articles, and checked all the Bootcamp information….The result is….I’m overwhelmed by the emails!

The information drives me crazy. I opened 10 +tabs on my google browser and didn’t know where to start. Pretty frustrated? Sure it is! But, a good designer is a good problem solver!

I feel the pain that a lot of UX newbie has. After several nights of organizing and filtering all the learning materials I have used, I recommend the best free online resource to start your UX career.

Let’s go!

MOOC (Massive online open class)

Udacity :

The content of Udacity is very tech-centered and high quality, which is good for beginners to have an overview sense of what UX or product design is.

LinkedIn Learning :

The Linkedin premium has a 30-day free trial that you can use for learning. The content is very resourceful included almost everything related to UX design. The learning path feature is pretty awesome.

Edx :

Edx has collaborated with world-famous universities like Havard, UC Berkeley, Mcgill University, etc. If you don’t want to pay for the certificates, take their free online courses is fine.

Coursera :

The same as Edx, Coursera has thousands of online courses for you to choose from. Most of the instructors are from the Top 50 US colleges. The free trial is for 7 days.


FutureLearn is very similar to Edx and Coursera. The free trial is for 7 days. But you can take the free without certificate courses for free.

What makes it different is FutureLearn is more Europe-based. Their partner universities are mostly from British, Canada, New Zealand, and a few from the US.

Articles / Blogs

Nelson Norman Group

NN Group is one of the best platforms to learn UX design!

It’s super systematic and resourceful. The contents include everything you need to learn about user experience design. From user research methods to interview tips.

It provides tons of training courses, virtual events, and certificates as well.


Yep! That’s the app. The InVison blog is pretty informative, including remote work, interview tips, and free design resources like UI Kit download.


I found Careerfoundry when I researched UX Bootcamps in the market. I subscribed to their Youtube channel and signed up for the 7- day short email courses.

Although their main purpose is to get you in their Bootcamp, we can always use the free blog learning resources as a beginner.

100 Days Product Design

This website is a beautiful coincidence for me! When the academic articles' flooding information buried me, it’s a total lifesaver!

If you know nothing about UX, started to read from “Day 1”, it feels like an old friend telling you a life story about his/her design story with a practical life example. Strong recommend!

Medium Blogs

Medium articles are amazing! Although they are not all free. If you don’t want to upgrade yet, at least follow these channels first:

Youtube Channel

There SO many YouTube channels of UX-related design. I have tried no less than 50 and filtered the following Youtubers:

Online Event

As we are still going through the covid pandemic pain, a face-to-face event still needs some time. Luckily, we can still enjoy webinars and events virtually via Eventbrite, LinkedIn, NNgroup, and Meetup.


If you are not enrolled in a Bootcamp, it’s a bit difficult to find a mentor to guide you. Besides networking on LinkedIn, the ADPlist is a free and great platform to find your mentor. Thank God I found it!

It’s also a global community that you can connect with mentors around the world. If you plan to work in a different country, find a mentor in that country, and get to know the job market and workplace culture beforehand would be great!

Facebook/Slack Group

There are tons of social media groups out there. The below are high quality with active user posts:

Design Tools

Honestly, there are not many free design tools. But Figma is an all-in-one design tool that you can skip almost all the other apps!

Another design tool is Excalidraw. It’s a virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn diagrams. If you are tired of sketching with a pen, have a try at it!


Finally, we are here at the inspiration part! The list below concludes portfolio examples, UI Design works, and big tech-companies design trends.

Well, That’s all for today! I hope you like it!

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Have a nice day 😊!

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