The Devil is in the Details — UX

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The Devil is in the Details — UX

Vah Vah Challenges Page

Whilst working with Vah Vah! I had to create a My courses page for the Students. Now whats important for the students that learn Makeup as a vocational course?

I have been trying to think about how to make education more fun for creative fields. What is out there? What is actually needed? how can I make it more interactive?

Couple of great ideas from the team are to implement many many features like forums to make students add the photos of their work, Progress bars, Badges, Class course details, Homework, Assignments, tests, attendance. It is overwhelming amount of features.

But how can I implement these features by not overwhelming the students and of-course not have dev team hate me 😛 ?

Competitive Analysis:

I have looked into many competitor portals like Lakme- academy, skillshare, coursera etc. Major Makeup educational institutes had a very basic website with no course followup online but more generic platforms like Skillshare had a way to show progress of the courses.

Two different extremes. Lakme is more foundational and manual with the process of onboarding but has a curated content and skillshare is more organised online with all of the course details and progress but lacking curated content.

Vah Vah! is a platform trying to curate information and has live interactions with students on Makeup with skilled teachers but want to reduce the manual processes and make things more automated.

Problem Statement:

These are some of the problems that we will be trying to solve in this sprint.

  1. Students are unable to view their course catalog
  2. See their Class time table
  3. Track their progress
  4. Join the live class directly from the app.
  5. Unable to follow their class rank
  6. See their friend’s work.

Users and Demographic

Users for this field, like makeup in India is mostly Recent graduates from Arts background or Mothers who are building their career looking to support their family.

Target Audiences are India based.

Current Workflow

Currently the classes are happening online but all the communication is happening on whatsapp. Whatsapp is a great app and is constantly used by all the users at-least 1 or 2 times a day to chat. Now what is motivating the students to move to another platform? This is quite an issue since none of the work is being tracked. So the application for this demographic has to have an element of excitement to go visit the application at-least once a day to see whats happening or to participate.

Feature Brainstorm:

  1. Enrolled Class
  2. Join Button with date and time of upcoming class
  3. Progress of class and personal progress
  4. Badges Earned
  5. Upload their work for the day
  6. See their schedule and what they would need for the next class
  7. Teachers Instructions
  8. Upcoming events
  9. Homework page
  10. Assignment Page

We will be concentrating on creating a homepage, Course Information Page and a forum page to upload the work which is public information. This will allow new members to get an understanding of the class and feel comfortable to make a payment for the course.

Left Nav:

I had initially thought of Top nav but thinking about it further, and keeping future goals in mind Top nav wouldn’t have been feasible if any changes had to be made or if any additions were to be made. I want to give the comfort of a community and not just a educational app. The items on the left Nav are as following.

  1. Dashboard/ Timeline
  2. Course Details
  3. Student Profile Page

For the MVP I decided to pitch the idea of having just a timeline with a lot of interactive posts and challenges students can participate in and other leads can also view the work done by the students and get assured that they have support system helping them learn.

I made the timeline the hero of the product.


The image on the right is the wireframe I have used for the home page. My hero is the Challenges so Students would like to win something and engage with the application. I also wanted to add the feeling of community.

This has many many competitors like FB, Insta, Linkedin etc.

Even though it has other information, It is still important to show course information about the next class so I added a scrolling join button so if a student is in a hurry to attend class we are still saving the search time.

This is going to be the hero of the application since it is going to be engaging and makes users want to showcase their work and feel the connection of the community, and

who doesn’t like a bit of validation anyway?

So, now that I came up with a lot of features, Most important is still the course information.

Now I am going to share the final screen for the challenges Page. There are many challenges students are participating on Insta, keeping these challenges has increased the interaction drastically since there is something to win after a challenge. This has also helped new student onboarding.

So here are the final screens for the Homepage or the time line.

This is the Home Page. The end users absolutely love challenges and like to participate in many challenges on Instagram so, the home page has an ongoing challenge where it would be about the class that was taken or a generic date night look etc. It’s important to show the winners too so that increases interaction and celebrates students at the same time.

Every class has a Homework look or a coursework look so I tried to add it into the same flow so all information is on the same platform and would be easy for teachers to review from the admin panel.

I preferred the image be full screen since, it doesn’t take our attention off the image, and 1 knows what they are exactly looking at.


Coursework is a very important aspect for students. To submit homework, To view the grades for each examination. View their certificate of completion of course etc.

I have further created a Bottom Nav for Home, Coursework, Profile and direct messaging.

Vah Vah! takes Live online classes to teach students about Makeup. They train their students to create online Presence and this platform will help them keep in contact with teachers and other students of various batches and also be able to clarify doubts at any point of time after or during their course.

I enjoyed brainstorming for this platform. It’s going to be live soon for the students.

This is the journey of me creating something more than just a course Screen with all course details. How thoughts and ideas grow when we know what problem we are trying to solve. I could’ve created just a course page with course info and a homework page but What makes my platform better for the students. I don’t like dry study stuff anyway, unless something is compelling me like an examination. But this platform would be a safe space for students to come back, keep in touch with their batchmates, and even learn the most updated information and looks created by their peers.

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