TOP 9 Blogs Every UX Researcher Should Start Reading Right Now

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There are a lot of blogs out there that put out really cool content to share experiences. But you can’t keep track of everything at once, so I have specially highlighted the 8 most useful for you. In this post, I want to share the main benefits and tricks that you can take from each of the resources.

User Interview Blog:

The main feature of this company in its blog is their reports. They fully analyze the market for product, research solutions, development trends and then publish a large report on all this. It is very interesting to read and a picture immediately develops in my head —> where the market is going, what is promising, what new tools are there, etc.

For example, here is the latest report on the analysis of tools in the User Research market:

Dovetail Blog:

This company is dedicated to optimizing quality research processes. One of the strongest quality analysis blogs I have come across. Especially articles about repository, taxonomy and tagging. Articles on these topics have a step-by-step methodology for introducing processes into your organization, ready-made templates and a huge number of examples.

Here are some posts and collections that inspired me:

UX Collective:

This is a very popular group on Medium (about 400k subscribers) that deals with design, research, and everything related to UX. The essence of this group is that it publishes other people’s articles after moderation. And there, so that you understand, they write TOPs from TOPs. They share their experience, tricks and market context. Reading is as interesting as possible.

A couple of articles that seemed very interesting to me:

Researcher Nikki Anderson:

The blog of a female researcher who focuses primarily on qualitative research. In her blog, she talks about approaches in UXR processes, and also shares even examples of her interviews in audio and text format.

Here is a link to an article where she shows an example of her interview:

Adobe Blog:

The advantage of this blog is that they share their experiences. A huge number of user research methods, which are supported by examples, descriptions and recommendations.

A very cool article on collecting user feedback:

Researcher Tomer Sharon:

The person who was one of the first to come up with and began to actively implement and popularize the concept of Atomic Research. He explains firsthand why this concept is fundamental in the context of User Research processes.

Link to article about Atomic Research:

Miro Blog:

A company that covers a huge number of product tasks not only with its service, but also with templates and explanations on how to work with them.

Here’s a cool article on how to create, implement and work with an Affinity diagram:

NNgroup Blog:

One of the largest resources for learning and information. A huge number of videos, books, articles, podcasts — in general, for every taste and level. If you are doing UXR, you should definitely go there.

And I, in turn, will share my selection of interesting things:

UX Planet:

One of the best collections of articles in UX(over 300 thousand subscribers).Very cool guys publish here — it’s incredibly interesting to read.

Here’s an article that I really liked:


It is very important to constantly update your knowledge and keep your qualifications up to date. These blogs post content all the time, so be sure to subscribe to them to read cool and useful content.

Well, of course, you can subscribe to me too. I try to write very often and touch on non-trivial topics that may be interesting.

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