UX design : Domain research and how to do one…

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UX design : Domain research and how to do one…

Hi readers, a new day with a new blog for you guys to read. Today, I help you guys in understanding the “researching the domain” of UX design part.

Domain research is the base part of UX designing. Without this, designing a website becomes a bit difficult. Confused…?, Let me elaborate you properly.

Take an example of a pharmaceutical website. So pharmaceutical website sells different types of drugs, medicines, nutritional products, medical accessories, baby products and much more. So you as a noob designer decides to create a personal project of designing a pharmaceutical website. You will be thinking, “I have used so may website in the similar domain, so it will be easy for me to design”. But that’s where you are wrong. Using a website doesn’t mean that you have knowledge in that field, and you can design a website. Having knowledge of a domain for designing and using it are two different things. In this case you are a user of such websites and not a designer. While designing a website, you need to have designer perspective. User perceptive might help you a little, but you can’t design a website with this. You will be designing a website in a minimalistic way, so you require a perspective of a content writer too. Also, a marketing perspective as you are selling products.

You might be thinking that as a designer, I have a lot of tasks to do. Unfortunately yes. Designers must be well-versed in all fields.

See, it takes a lot of different perspectives to design a perfectly balanced website, and you don’t have any of them.
So, how can you design a flawless website….? That’s where user experience research comes in. You can gain a lot more from research than just a design perspective. You learn about the domain’s positive and negative aspects, which aids in the design of a flawless website.

One thing you require to understand is that design can’t be perfect for every user. You have to balance the design in between, which comes on practicing every day.

You can follow few steps which will make you as UX designer easy to do research.

Step 1 : Choose a domain of your choice.

Step 2 : Go through all the top websites or apps in that domain. Take screenshots of each and every page of that website. This will give you a clarity of how deep or how many pages a user have to go through for the completion of the process or a flow.

Step 3 : Find as many as faults you think can be modified can be presented to the user differently.

Step 4 : You can go a step ahead by looking at some rules and regulation a website has like which content can be presented or not.

Step 5 : Go through user reviews of that website. Find if any user is facing issues at some point. That way, you can get a genuine user perspective.

Step 6 : At last, don’t copy design of the website. Create your unique way of presenting it. Balance all these things properly. Don’t design just because you like it.

You can’t be a great designer from day one, but you can be a great designer one day. Keep grinding, keep designing.

Thanks for reading.

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