UX Paradise, Part 2: Draining the UX Swamp

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<p class="author">By <a href="">Rolf Molich</a></p>

<p>This story describes how Huxley, a new hire at Delta Market—a fictitious chain of more than 500 medium-to-large, high-end grocery stores—boosted the organization’s competitiveness by raising Delta’s UX maturity from low to high. Their journey, which required nine steps that any organization could easily pursue, took them from 2012 to 2019.</p>
<p class="sub-p">This is Part 2 in my four-part series that describes Delta’s long, winding road from the UX Swamp to UX Paradise. In <a href="" title="Part 1">Part 1</a>, I presented the state of Delta Market in 2012, as well as the personas and the UX maturity model that I’ll use throughout this series. Now, in this article, I’ll use specific examples to explain what I mean by <em>UX strategy</em>, <em>business strategy</em>, <em>UX vision</em>, <em>Key Performance Indicator</em>s (KPIs), and other terms that UX professionals should understand to communicate effectively with management and executives. <a href="" class="read_more_link">Read More</a></p>