UX Paradise, Part 4: The Customer Experience

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<p class="author">By <a href="">Rolf Molich</a></p>

<p>In this article, which is Part 4, the final part, of my four-part series, I describe how customers would hypothetically experience Delta Market—a fictitious chain of more than 500 medium-to-large, high-end grocery stores and an organization at the highest level of UX maturity. This article also describes how customers might experience the gap between Delta Market’s high UX maturity and the low UX maturity of Delta’s biggest competitor, Alpha Market. The outcome of this comparison demonstrates how organizations can justify the substantial costs that are necessary to increase and maintain their UX maturity.</p>
<p class="sub-p">This series has presented Delta’s journey from low UX maturity, the UX Swamp, to high UX maturity, the UX Paradise. In <a href="" title="Part 1">Part 1</a>, I described Delta Market in 2012, including the personas and the UX maturity model they had decided to use. <a href="" title="Part 2">Part 2</a> related the story of Delta’s journey from the UX Swamp to UX Paradise. <a href="" title="Part 3">Part 3</a> described Delta Market in 2020, after the company had attained UX Paradise. <a href="" class="read_more_link">Read More</a></p>