UX-Roadmapping Workshops: Agenda + Activities

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Summary: Collaboratively create a UX roadmap in a workshop setting by guiding participants through activities that familiarize them with the project goals, context, and inputs and that identify key roadmap themes and priorities.

A UX roadmap is a strategic, living artifact that aligns, prioritizes, and communicates a UX team’s future work and the problems it needs to solve . Roadmaps should make realistic promises, value functionality over pretty visuals, and be strategic documents instead of feature-specific release plans.

Roadmaps must be created collaboratively in order to be effective. Otherwise, regardless of how well-constructed the roadmap is, it may stay unused.

Successful roadmapping includes 6 key high-level steps : establishing goals, gathering inputs, creating themes, prioritizing themes, visualizing and sharing, and revisiting and updating.

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