Weekly Design Inspiration #295

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design by Denys Lazutkin

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Banking App by Katerina Krukova
Regular spendings management by by SELECTO
Eferbarn | Neobank dashboard by by Alexander Plyuto
Landing UI by DStudio®
Metajive — Concept from 2019 by by Anthony Goodwin
Keep calm and backup your files by Denys Lazutkin
Pokemon Bag by Mohamed Chahin

Daft Punk 1993–2021 by by Brian Carroll
Steampunk Skull by Angga Tantama
Distortion Collection 02 Designed by Supply.Family by Chrisb Marquez
Game of the Ox by Thinking Room
The Burrow Sculpture by Thomas Wightman
James Bond x Theory 11 by Russ Gray
Scence: the future of sustainable skincare by Kingdom & Sparrow

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