Weekly Design Inspiration #299

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illustration by Inga Ziemele

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Bravez Website by by Halo UI/UX
Rocket Garage Website by Halo UI/UX
HR Management Software Landing Page by Dmitry Lauretsky
Jobster — Job Search Platform Mobile App by RD UX/UI
Architect Gallery — Website Landing Page by Tomasz Mazurczak
Almanac Tropical Galaxy in a Can! by DKNG
Lazy AF by Inga Ziemele
Daft Punk by Timothy Velberg
Londoners on the Tube (Before Covid) by Manuela Fiori
Land of the Bean Men by Dale Crosby-Close
Meet the Neighbours Brand Identity by Dotto Studio
Cozy / Baby Bottle Sterilizer by Hyeri Lee and SAQ design
Two illustrations for Atlanta Magazine by Tomasz Woźniakowski
Focus on the Cross-Odamten by DextDee Livingstone

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