Weekly Design Inspiration #315

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Illustration by The Glyph

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website: landing page by Vladimir Gruev
getcode: landing page by Vadim Drut
Fintimes Website by Halo UI/UX
Personal Portfolio Site — Bruno Erdison by Logan Cee
Crypto Wallet Mobile — Balance Details & Swap by by Michael
PERSONA by Aaron Martinez
Midsummer mood by The Glyph
Sketches 2020 by Artem Solop
OCCULUST by Aaron Pinto
Block Head Punks by Mike Campau and Tim Tadder
Sunnygogo Dried Fruit Packaging 陽光菓菓 — 熾熱果乾禮盒 by K9 Design, Kevin Lin and Ferguson Chang
Frenchy — Identity and Packaging by Maciej Stachowicz, Joanna Sokolowska and R19 Agency
TREATY FRUITY — Dog Snacks Branding & Packaging by meh. design studio, meh. design studio and miguel souto
Technicolor by Andiara Passos
Mission Coffee Works | Craft Coffee Branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

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