Weekly Design Inspiration #327

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NFT Landing page by Jeehom
Financial management app — desktop by Fireart Studio
Photographer Portfolio Website concept by Farzan Faruk
Money transfer: Web design by Vladimir Gruev
Nunito — 3D illustration + Hero header by Tran Mau Tri Tam
Flowers Illustrations | Psychedelic plants by Tanya Shegol
Don’t hide your magic🌈✨ by Sören Selleslagh
His & Hers Cocktails by Katrina Navasca
Skulls 4E by Vincent Conti
Bidmii by Melanie Hong, Olivia Rohner and Vanderbrand — Creative A
字然浮现 Arising Characters by liam lee
Screem by Doug Rodas
Dream Deck TAROT by Daniela Efe
Nienkämper by Blok Design

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